Research: Chemistry

Chemical synthesis in microreactors has the greatest impact for processes requiring precisely-controlled or challenging operating conditions (difficult compounds, energetic intermediates, or high pressures and temperatures) and for on-demand, on-site production. The high heat and mass transfer rates possible in microfluidic systems allow chemical reactions to be performed under more aggressive conditions with higher yields than can be achieved with conventional reactors. More importantly, new reaction pathways deemed too difficult in conventional macroscopic equipment can be pursued. Thus, microchemical systems enable rapid, continuous discovery and development of new products.

Areas of focus

  • Organic Transformations in micro and meso scale systems
  • Screening, automation and optimization of chemical reactions
  • Scaling of micro systems to production
  • Photochemistry and microwave processes in flow
  • Catalyst immobilization and recycle
  • Work-up (separation) strategies for multistage synthesis
  • Crystallization in continuous flow microsystems