Research: Pharmacy on Demand (PoD)

Pharmaceutical manufacturing typically uses batch processing at multiple locations. Disadvantages of this approach include long production times and the potential for supply chain disruptions. Pharmacy on Demand is a multi-disciplinary initiative created to realize the end-to-end continuous manufacturing of multiple Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) in one mobile reconfigurable unit. By leveraging the advances in continuous-flow synthesis, complex multistep sequence telescoping, reaction engineering equipment, and real-time formulation the group have been successful in creating a portfolio of drugs capable of production through end-to-end continuous manufacturing. Current efforts are focused on the design, construction and deployment of a unit that can successfully undergo an FDA submission which will potentially enable the final oral solid doses produced by the unit to be administered to patients.

Adamo et al., “On-demand continuous-flow production of pharmaceuticals in a compact, reconfigurable system,” Science. 352, 61-67 (2016).