Former Postdoctoral Associates/Fellows

NameResearch FocusDatePresently @
Romaric Gérardy2020-2021
Christian HaasAutomated microfluidic droplet platform, optimization and machine learning2020-2021Bayer
Kakasaheb NandiwaleMultiphase continuous flow manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, process optimization, and separation of APIs2019-2021Pfizer (Groton, CT)
Hanyu GaoUsing machine learning techniques to aid organic synthesis planning2017-2021Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Ioannis LignosSynthesis of non-toxic semiconductor nanocrystals and single-dot spectroscopy2017-2020Janssen (Switzerland)
Yanfei GuanUsing quantum calculations to improve deep learning for synthesis planning, molecular property predictions2019-2020Pfizer (Groton, CT)
Mike FortunatoMachine learning to predict retrosynthetic pathways for targeted organic molecules2018-2020Novartis (Boston, MA)
Yiming MoMachine learning for retrosynthetic pathway ranking, synthesizability, impurity prediction2019-2020Assistant Professor, Zhejiang University
Thomas StrubleUsing machine learning techniques to aid organic synthesis planning, reaction prediction, and reaction optimization2018-2020Merck (Boston, MA)
Martin StewartBiophysical mechanisms of intracellular delivery by cell squeezing2014-2018University of Technology Sydney
Xiaoxue WangApplying reinforcement learning in organic synthesis planning

2018-2019Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University
Victor SchultzSynthesis and optimization for continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing2017-2019Merck (Rahway, NJ)
Agnieszka LadoszMultiphase flows and use of microfluidic devices in process development.

Luke RogersPharmacy on Demand2016-2018Director of Chemical Synthesis, On Demand Pharmaceutical
Haomiao Zhang3D printing for reactor design, Multiphase CFD of microreactors, CFD Modeling2016-2018Assistant Professor, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
Yi ShenNanocrystal synthesis, purification and surface modification in continuous flow platforms2016-2018DowDupont (Marlborough, MA)
Joseph ImbrognoPolymer membrane based separations, extractions, and reactors for continuous processing2016-2018Pfizer (Groton, CT)
Stefano LazzariModeling nanocrystal synthesis and crystallization processes2015-2018BASF, Frankfurt, Germany
Jisong ZhangHydrodynamics, mass transfer, and hydrogenation in micropacked beds2015-2017Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Kyoungmi LeeOzonolysis of Olefins in Flow Reactors2013-2017
Eder Jose GuidelliFlow Synthesis of ZnSe Quantum-Dots2016-2017University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Guohua LiangPharmacy on Demand2016-2017
Hongkun LinFlow chemistry2014-2017Swager lab (MIT)
Ye-Jin Hwang-Automated chemistry platform for screening medicinal chemistry and small scale compound synthesis; Polymerization by utilizing heterogeneous catalysis2015-2017Inha University (South Korea)
Andrew TeixeiraKinetics and Transport in Multiphase Microsystems and Catalytic Packed Beds2014-2016Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
Xiaoyun DingMicrofluidic devices for intracellular delivery2013-2016University of Colorado Boulder
Maryam Peer LachegurabiBiphasic Catalytic Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation of Alcohols in Flow2013-2016Exxon Mobil (Texas)
Milad AbolhasaniOscillator Microscale Flow Chemistry Platforms for High-Throughput Screening and Optimization of Single/Multi-Phase Chemical Processes2014-2016NC State University (Raleigh, NC)
Norman HornPharmacy-On-Demand, Pervaporation, 3D Printing2015-2016FCG Chemicals (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
Saurabh ShahaneCatalyst Recycle Strategies for Organic Synthesis in Flow2014-2016Stepan Company (Northfield, IL)
Gaurav GiriCrystallization Control of Solids in Continuous Flow Synthesis2013-2015University of Virginia
Fumihiro SassaOndemand Chemical Library Chip2014-2015University of Tsukuba(Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan)
Cuixian (Trisha) YangContinuous Hydrogenation in Packed Bed Reactor2013-2015Merck Sharp & Dohme
Yanjie ZhangContinuous Chemistry and Scale Up2012-2015Nanobio systems
Yanxiang ShiCFD Simulation of Corning Reactors2012-2015BASF (Beachwood, OH)
Baris UnalDevelopment of Microfluidic/Microreactor Platforms for Heterogeneous Catalysis from Performance Testing at Industrially Relevant Conditions to Catalyst Characterization, and Material Design for Energy Applications. 2009-2014Whitesides Research Group, Harvard University, Cambrdige, MA
Stephen BornDevelopment of Flow Systems for Multi-step Synthesis and Separation
Stephen NewmanStudy of use of Microreactors for Reactions under Harsh Conditions2012-2014 University of Ottawa (Ottawa, Canada)
Ana Rita Cruz Duarte Design and Development of a Glass Capillary Microfluidic Device for the Preparation of Perfluorocarbon-Alginate Core-Shell Microparticles2013-20143B's Research Group, University of Minho (Portugal)
Jean Christophe MonbaliuScaling of Integrated Continuous-Flow Synthesis of Pharmaceuticals2012-2013Center for Integrated Technology and Organic Synthesis - CiTOS Dept. of Chemistry (Belgium)
Mohsen BehmanAutomation for Continuous-Flow Synthesis of Pharmaceuticals2011-2013Nuvera Fuel Cells (Billerica, MA)
Ulrich NeuenschwanderGas-Liquid Reaction Kinetics in Flow2012-2013Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis (Dottikon, Switzerland)
Simon KuhnSolids Handling in Microreactors and Scalability of Heat and Mass Transfer in Multiphase Flow Reactors2010-2012University College London (London, UK)
Patrick BazinetIntegration of Chemical Synthesis for Pharmaceuticals2012i2Chem Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
Sidy NdaoMicro/Nanosystems Energy Conversion and Power Generation2011-2012University of Nebraska (Lincoln, NE)
Seung-Kon LeeMicrofluidic Systhesis of Functional Nano/Micro Particles2009-2012Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Xiaoying LiuExploration and investigation of heterogeneous catalysis and multistep synthesis in continuous flow microreactor systems2009-2012University of Chicago (Chicago, IL)
Lei GuUltrasonic microfluidic systems and MEMS devices and processes2010-2011MKS Instrument, (Andover, MA)
Woo Young SimDevelopment of microfluidic systems for cell biology and biomedical applications2010-2011NanoEnTek (Digital Bio), inc., (Korea)
Christopher SmithInvestigating metal catalysed carbonylation using microfluidic reactors2009-2011
Victor Sebastian CabezaSynthesis and application of nanomaterials using a microfluidic reactor platform.2009-2011Instituto Universitario de Investigación en Nanociencia de Aragón (INA), Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
Ketan PimparkarDevelopment of a high throughput photochemical microreactor system; Scaleup of melt processing reaction2009-2010
Ryan HartmanMulti-step Microscale Operations2008-2010University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Jian WenFree-flow Isoelectric Focusing2007- 2009Information Laboratory (Bedford, MA)
Bernard YenUV Photochemical Microsystems2008-2009MIT
Samuel MarreMaterials Synthesis in Microdevices2006-2008University of Bordeaux, France
Andrea AdamoDesign and fabrication of large, robust, integrated networks for microfluidic components2004-2009(University of Palermo, Italy)
Kishori DeshpandeSynthesis of complex oxides applied to catalysis and fuel cell materials synthesis studies2004-2008Dow Chemical Co. (Freeport, TX)
Hyun-Goo ChoiDevelopmental techniques for modifying surfaces and microfluidic systems for controlling protein and cell interations.2004-2005Bioscale, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
Jamil El-AliMicrofabricated biological devices2003-2006McKinsey & Co. (Copenhagen, DEN)
Yongbae JeonMicroelectromechanics (MEMS) application for integrated microchemical systems2003-2005Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc., Korea
Axel GüntherFluid mechanical experimentation and microfabrication applicable to multiphase microreactor research2002-2006University of Toronto (Toronto, CAN)
Nuria de MasMicrochemical systems technology2004-2005Bristol-Meyer Squibb, NJ
Benjamin WilhiteMultiphase reactions in microreactors; participation in multidisciplinary research2002-2005University of Connecticut
Nicolas SzitaMicrofabricated fermentation systems2001-2005University College London
Chelsey BaertschCatalyst synthesis and characterization2001-2003Purdue University
Carlo CavalottiMultiscale simulations of chemical vapor deposition2001-2002Politechnico di Milano, Italy
Rebecca JackmanMicrofabrication; microelectrochemical forming of microstructures1999-2001Commonwealth School, Boston, MA
Constance BauerQuantum chemistry and chemical kinetics of CVD processes1998-2000
Aleksander FranzSurface chemistry of compound semiconductors relative to selective growth; quantum chemistry of surface reaction processes.1997-2001Lilliputian Systems, Inc., Woburn, MA
Ratna ShekharSynthesis and operation of polymer-based electroluminescent devices; photoluminescence spectroscopy and computational chemistry1997-1998Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp., NJ
Istvan LengylSimulations of compound semiconductor growth; quantum chemistry methods and kinetic simulations1996-1999The Dow Chemical Company, TX
Javier Rodriguez-ViejoSynthesis of thin CdSe/ZnS quantum dot deposits; three-dimensional growth and lattice registration in layered semiconductor clusters; three-dimensional quantum confinement in optical devices1996-1997Generalitat de Catalunya (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain)
Ajit BalakrishnaFinite element simulations of dry-etching processes for semiconductors (hydrofluorde water and alcohol removal of siliconoxide, ultraviolet stimulated fluorine and chlorine etching of silicon nitride)1995-1997Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA
Charles MusgraveComputational chemistry1995-1996Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Xia YongModeling of transport porous media transport properties, rheological studies on highly concentrated suspensions1994-1995ADE Corporation, San Jose, CA
Peter FuterkoKinetics and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) research; kinetic and wafer cleaning processes modeling1994-1995(Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute graduate)
Vernon ColeModeling of rapid thermal processing (RTP), finite element modeling of transport phenomena and chemical kinetics1993-1995Motorola, Austin, TX
Narasimha AcharyaModeling of physical and chemical processes underlying the rapid desification of carbon-carbon composites1993-1995Mattson Thermal Products, Inc, San Jose, CA
Ming XiSurface spectroscopy of organometallic compounds1993-1994Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA
Karson KnutsonModeling of rapid thermal processing (RTP).1993-1994Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR
Chris KleijnModeling of 3D flows in horizontal reactors for metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) of GaAs, single-wafer reactors for Si and W CVD1993 (April-Oct.)Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Jiong-Ping LuSurface infrared spectroscopy and related in situ diagnostic techniques applied to reaction mechanisms in the chemical vapor deposition of III-V semiconductors (gallium arsenide). Catalysis and surface systems background.1991-1993Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX
Maurizio MasiReaction engineering; MOCVD chemistry modeling1991-1992University of Milano, Italy
Kun-Ho LieFinite element modeling of CVD reactors; numerical schemes for treating radiation heat transfer; chemical kinetic mechanisms for gas-phase and surface reactions.1990-1992Mitsubishi Silicon America, Salem, OR
Sanjay PatnaikGrowth, characterization and modeling of ZnSe; modeling for optoelectronic molecules1990-1991International Paper, Tuxedo, NY
Ananth AnnapragadaBuilding of MOCVD experimental system1989-1991Abott Laboratories, No. Chicago, IL