MIT Alumni

NameThesisDegreeDatePresently @
Yiming MoContinuous Processing of Multiphase Reactions for Pharmaceutical ApplicationsPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2019Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Postdoctoral Associate (Cambridge, MA)
Connor ColeyComputer Assistance in Organic Synthesis Planning and Execution
Ph.D., (M.S.CEP)2019Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor (Cambridge, MA)
Kosi ArohDetermination of Optimal Conditions and Kinetic Rate
Parameters in Continuous Flow Systems with Dynamic Inputs
Ph.D., (M.S.CEP)2018
Marcella LusardiUnderstanding the active sites of Mg-Al oxide catalysts in the formation of aromatic platform chemicals from acetaldehydePhD, (SM)2018Caltech, Mark E. Davis group (Pasadena, CA)
Dale Thomas Design and Implementation of an Automated Reconfigurable Modular Flow Chemistry Synthesis PlatformPhD2018mytide therapeutics
Lu YangComputational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation of Multiphase Hydrodynamics and Transport in MicroreactorsPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2017McKinsey & Company
Nopphon WeeranoppanantIntegrated flow-chemistry synthesis enabled by multistage separationsPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2016Burapha University (Thailand)
Lisi XieGrowth study of III-V quantum dotsPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2016Lam Research (Fremont, CA)
Isaac RoesMicrocalorimetry in FlowM.S. CEP2014
Weitong SunContinuous Separation of Homogeneous Catalyst with Membrane in Small Scale Flow SystemM.S. CEP2015MedImmune (Gaithersburg, MD)
Tatyana ShatovaPortable Blood Plasma Separation for Point of Care DiagnosticsPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2015
Brandon ReizmanAutomated Feedback in Flow for Accelerated Reaction Screening, Optimization, and Kinetic Parameter EstimationPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2015 (2009)Eli Lilly (Indianapolis, IN)
Everett John O'NealContinuous Separation and Recycle of Homogeneous Catalysts in Small Scale Flow SystemsPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2014 (2009)ExxonMobil (Clinton, NJ)
Jen LeeDevelopment of Microreactor Setups for Microwave Organic SynthesisPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2014 (2009)
Maria Jose Nieves Remacha Microreactor Technology: Scale-up of Multiphase Continuous Flow ChemistriesPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2014 (2009)
Patrick HeiderScale-up of Continuous Chemical Synthesis SystemsPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2013 (2009)Dow Chemical Co. (Midland, MI)
Armon ShareiCell Squeezing: a Vector-Free Microfluidic Platform for Intracellular Delivery of MacromoleculesPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2013 (2009)MIT (Cambridge, MA)
Jason MooreKinetic Modeling and Automated Optimization in Microreactor SystemsPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2013 (2008)Lawrence Livermore National Lab (Livermore, CA)
Jinyoung BaekMicrochemical Systems for the Synthesis of Nanostructures: Quantum DotsPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2012 (2009)Boston Consulting Group (Seoul, Korea)
EthelMae Victoria DydekElectrochemistry and Electrokinetics in MicrochannelsPh.D.2011Harvard Medical School and the Wyss Institute of Biologically Inspired Engineering, (Boston, MA)
Kevin NagyCatalyst Immobilization Techniques for Continuous Flow SynthesisPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2011 (2007)DuPont, (Wilmington, DE)
Jerry KeyblA Microreactor System for High-Pressure, Multiphase Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalyst Measurements under Continuous FlowPh.D.2011Boston Consulting Group (Boston, MA)
Christopher MartonAn Air-Breathing, Portable Thermoelectric Power Generator Based on a Microfabricated Silicon CombustorPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2010 (2008)Merck & Co., Inc. (Rahway, NJ)
Jonathan McMullenAutomated Microreactor System for Reaction Development and Online Optimization of Chemical ProcessesPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2010 (2006)Merck & Co., Inc. (Rahway, NJ)
Nikolay ZaborenkoContinuous-Flow Study and Scale-up of Conventionally Difficult Chemical ProcessesPh.D.2010Eli Lilly (Indianapolis, ID)
Mahmooda SultanaMicrofluidic Systems for Continuous Crystallization of Small Organic MoleculesPh.D.2010NASA, (Greenbelt, MD)
Ling ChaoSpatial and Temporal Control of Lipid-Membrane Morphology Induced by SphingomyelinasePh.D.2009Cornell University (Ithaca, N)
Hemant SahooDesign and Operation of Microchemical Systems for Multistep Chemical SynthesesPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2008 - 2005ExxonMobil Corporation, (Houston, TX)
Linlin YeMicrofluidic Devices for Studying Early Response of Cytokine SignalingPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2008 - 2005Unilever Research and Development, (Shanghai, China)
Jane RempelInsights into Formation of Semiconductor Nanocrystals: from First Principles Calculations to Kinetic Models of Nucleation and GrowthPh.D.2007Tiax LLC, (Boston, MA)
Jacob AlbrechtMicro Free-Flow Isoelectric FocusingPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2007 - 2004Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (New Brunswick, NJ)
Brandon BlackwellDesign, Fabrication, and Characterization of a Micro Fuel ProcessorPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2007 -2004Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C. (Boston, MA)
Ylva K. OlssonChemical Vapor Deposition of Functionalized Isobenzofuran PolymersM.S.2007NSB (Norway)
Saif A. KhanMicrofluidic Synthesis of Colloidal NanomaterialsPh.D.2006National University of Singapore (Singapore, SGP)
Edward R. MurphyMicrochemical Systems for Rapid Optimization of Organic SynthesesPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2006 -2003DuPont (Memphis, TN)
Zhiyu ZhangMicrofabricated Reactor for Bioprocesses DevelopmentPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2006 -2002McKinsey & Co (New York, NY)
Ole M. NielsenA Thermally Efficient Micro-Reactor for Thermophotovoltaic Power GenerationPh.D.2006Bose Corporation Framingham, MA)
Jason G. KraljContinuous Flow Separation Techniques for Microchemical SynthesisPh.D.2005NIST
Thomas GervaisMass Transfer and Structural Analysis of Microfluidic SensorsPh.D.2005École Polytechnique de Montréal and Journalist for the Télé-Québec
Manish JhunjhunwalaControl of Fluid Path on MicroscalePh.D.CEP, (M.B.A.), (M.S.CEP)2005, 2005, 2003Trefis (Boston, MA)
Andrea ZanzottoMicrobioreactor platforms for high-throughput screening and analysis of bioprocessesPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2005 - 2000Millennium Pharmaceuticals, (Cambridge, MA)
Nuria de MasScalable Multiphase Microchemical Systems for Direct FluorinationPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2004 -1999Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, (New Brunswick, NJ)
Leonel AranaHigh-Temperature Microfluidic Systems for Thermally-Efficient Fuel ProcessingPh.D., (M.S.CEP)2003 - 2000Intel Corporation (Chandler, AZ)
Hang LuMicrofluidic Biochemical and Eletrical Devices for Rapid Analysis of Cells and OrganellesPh.D.2003Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA)
Sameer K. AjmeraMicrochemical Systems for Kinetic Studies of Catalytic ProcessesPh.D.2002Texas Instruments (Dallas, TX)
Gwang-Soo KimMultiscale Modeling of thin film deposition processesPh.D.2002NRC, (Ontario, Canada)
Jinwook LeeSemiconductor Nanocrystal Composite Materials and DevicesPh.D.2002Intel Corporation, (Santa Clara, CA)
Maria A. NemirovskayaMultiscale Modeling Strategies for Chemical Vapor DepositionPh.D.2002
Samara L. FirebaughMiniaturization and Integration of Photoacoustic DetectionPh.D.2001United States Naval Academy (Annapolis,MD)
Samara L. FirebaughInvestigation of Materials for Use in High-Temperature, Thin-Film Heaters and Temperature SensorsM.S.E.E.1997United States Naval Academy (Annapolis,MD)
Chris VineisCharacterization of OMVPE-Grown GaSb-Based Epilayers Using In Situ Reflectance and Ex Situ TEMPh.D.2001Wakonda Technologies
Tamara M. FloydA Novel Microchemical System for Rapid Liquid-Liquid ChemistryPh.D.2001Tuskegee University (Tuskegee, AL)
Jason Randall HeineCharacterization and Device Applications of II-VI NanocompositesPh.D.2001Texas Instruments (Dallas, TX)
Matthew W. LoseyNovel Multiphase Chemical Reaction Systems Enabled by Microfabrication TechnologyPh.D.2001Texas Instruments (Dallas, TX)
Jacqueline Tew UnderbergA Framework for Aligning Operations with Customer Service Requirements in a Capital Equipment Refurbishment BusinessM.B.A. & M.S.Ch.E.2001
Seth Thomas RodgersMultiscale Modelling of Chemical Vapor Deposition and Plasma EtchingPh.D.2000Bioprocessors
Samuel B. SchaevitzA MEMS Thermoelectric GeneratorM.S.E.E. & C.S.2000Lilliputian Systems
Rajesh VenkataramaniMultiscale Models of Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy ProcessM.B.A.2000Goldman Sachs (New York, NY)
Kim-Marie LevisScreening Experiment for a Polysilicon Gate Etch ChamberM.S. MSE1999Motorola Inc.
Theodoros MihopoulosReaction and Transport Processes in OMCVD: Selective and Group III-Nitride GrowthPh.D.1999Motorola Inc. (Austin, TX)
Kathleen Michelle VaethParylene-Based Chemical Vapor Deposition of Electroluminescent Polymer Films Used in Polymer Light Emitting DiodesPh.D.1999Eastman Kodak Co. (Rochester, NY)
Brian Gerald WillisComplementaty Computational Chemistry and Surface Science Experiments of Reaction Pathways in Aluminum Chemical Vapor DepositionPh.D.1999University of Delaware (Newark, DE)
Suman K. BanerjeeNonlinear Model Reduction Methods for Rapid Thermal and Chemical Vapor Deposition ProcessesPh.D.1998Motorola Inc. (Tempe, AZ)
Douglas S. FongEvaluation of Continuous Batch Processing for Vertical Diffusion FurnacesM.B.A.1998
Michael Z. GuGas-Phase Reaction Pathways in Organometallic Chemical Vapor Deposition of AIGaAsM.S.Ch.E.1998Cypress Semiconductor MN, Inc. (Bloomington, MN)
I-Ming HsingSimulation Strategies for Microfabricated Chemical SystemsPh.D.1998Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Harsano Siem SimkaApplication of Quantum Chemistry Calculations in Modeling Chemical Vapor Deposition Processes Ph.D.1998Intel Corporation (Santa Clara, CA)
Ravi SrinivasanMicrofabricated Reactors for Partial Oxidation ReactionsPh.D.1998Symyx Technologies (Santa Clara, CA)
Jeffrey P. HebbPattern Effects in Rapid Thermal ProcessingPh.D.1997Eaton Corporation (Peabody, MA)
Brian H. CumpstonBulk and Interfacial Degradation of Polymers Used for Electronic and Photonic ApplicationsPh.D.1996OSRAM Opto Semiconductors (San Jose, CA)
Lawrence J. FoleyGrowth and Optical Monitoring of Organometallic Vapor Phase EpitaxyM.S.Ch.E.1996Intel Corporation (Santa Clara,CA)
Shih-Tung NgiamDevelopment of a Cluster Deposition Process for Fabricating Quantum Dot Composite MaterialsPh.D.1996Hewlett Packard (Singapore)
Michal DanekChemical Approaches to Organomettalic Chemical Vapor Deposition of Wide Band-Gap II-VI Layers and Nanocrystal CompositesPh.D.1995Novellus Systems, Inc. (San Jose, CA)
Brad HoustonTransfer of an Evolving TechnologyMBA1995Intel Corporation
Jeung-Soo HuhOrganometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy of ZnSe wuth Novel Zn and Se SourcesPh.D.1995Kyung-Pook National University (Korea)
Sateria SalimIn-situ Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy of Chemistry and Growth in Chemical Vapor Depostiion Ph.D.1995Praxair, Inc. (Tonawanda, NY)
Tushar Praful MerchantModelling of Rapid Thermal ProcessesPh.D.1994Motorola Advanced Custom Technologies (Mesa, AZ)
Daniel Gene CoronellSimulation and Analysis of Rarefied Gas Flows in Chemical Vapor Deposition ProcessesPh.D.1993Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (Terre Haute, AZ)
Jaesung HanCombined Experimental and Modeling Studies of Laser Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Copper and AluminumPh.D.1993Yukong Ltd. (Korea)
Erik Oddmund EinsetThree Dimensional Transport and Kinetic Modeling of Horizontal Chemical Vapor Deposition ReactorsPh.D.1991General Electric Co. (Schenectady, NY)
Kwok-Lun HoMetalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition of Aluminum Nitride and Gallium NitridePh.D.19913M
Jihperng LeuFTIR and XPS Studies of Polymer Surface Modification in CF4/O2/NF3 Microwave Discharges and of Metal-Polymide InterfacesPh.D.1990University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)
Rajesh Ramaswamy MelkoteModeling of Transport and Reaction in Evolving, Fibrous StructuresPh.D.1990GE Lighting Technology (Cleveland, OH)